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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Sep-2016A 6-amino acid insertion/deletion polymorphism in the mucin domain of TIM-1 confers protections against HIV-1 infection.Biasin, Mara; Sironi, Manuela; Saulle, Irma; Pontremoli, Chiara; Garziano, Micaela; Cagliani, Rachele; Trabattoni, Daria; Caputo, Sergio Lo; Vichi, Francesca; Mazzotta, Francesco; Forni, Diego; Riva, Stefania; Aguilar Jimenez, Wbeimar; Cedeño, Samandhy; Sanchez, Jorge; Brander, Christian; Zapata, Wildeman; Rugeles, María Teresa; Clerici, Mario
Jun-2015High expression of antiviral proteins in mucosa from individuals exhibiting resistance to human immunodeficiency virusGonzález, Sandra Milena; Taborda, Natalia Andrea; Feria Garzón, Manuel Gerónimo; Arcia, David; Aguilar Jiménez, Wbeimar; Zapata, Wildeman; Rugeles, María Teresa
Jan-2016Particular activation phenotype of T cells expressing HLA-DR but not CD38 in GALT from HIV-controllers is associated with immune regulation and delayed progression to AIDSGonzález, Sandra M.; Taborda, Natalia Andrea; Correa, Luis A.; Castro, Gustavo A.; Hernández, Juan C.; Montoya, Carlos Julio; Rugeles, María Teresa
Jan-2016Role of Regulatory T Cells and Inhibitory Molecules in the Development of Immune Exhaustion During Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 InfectionGonzález, Sandra M.; Zapata Builes, Wildeman; Rugeles, María Teresa
May-2015Short Communication: Low expression of activation and inhibitory molecules on NK cells and CD4+ T-cells is associated with viral controlTaborda, Natalia Andrea; Hernández, Juan C.; Lajoie, Julie; Juno, Jennifer; Kimani, Josua; Rugeles, María Teresa; Fowke, Keith R.