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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010CONSIDERATIONS ABOUT OCULAR NEOPLASIAS OF DOGS AND CATSFernandes Da Conceicao, Luciano; Pinto Ribeiro, Alexandre; Trujillo Piso, Dunia Yisela; Laus, José Luiz
2014Effects of antiproteolytic agents on corneal epithelial viability and matrix metalloproteinase-2 and metalloproteinase-9 activity in alkali-burned corneas of ratsTrujillo Piso, Dunia Yisela; Pinto Ribeiro, Alexandre; Ladino Silva, Miguel; Jordao Guimaraes, Patricia; Morales, Adriana; Costa Martins, Bianca; Martinez Padua, Ivan Ricardo; Renzo, Roberta; Lima De Andrade, Alexandre; Ramírez Uscátegui, Ricardo; Laus, José Luiz
2014Effects of different mydriatics on intraocular pressure, pupil diameter, and ruminal and intestinal motility in healthy sheepPinto Ribeiro, Alexandre; Crivelaro, Roberta; Texeira, Pedro Paulo; Trujillo Piso, Dunia Yisela; Jordao Guimaraes, Patricia; Costa Martins, Bianca; Laus, José Luiz
Nov-2016Effects of timolol maleate, levobunolol and apraclonidine on intraocular pressure, pupil size, blood pressure and heart rate in beaglesPadua Martínez, Ivan Ricardo; Ribeiro Pinto, Alexandre; Martínez Padua, Pedro Pablo; Guimaraes, Patricia Jordao; Silva, Miguel Ladino; Piso Trujillo, Dunia Yisela; Martins, Bianca; Aldrovani Rodrigues, Marcela; Semolin, Livia María; Camacho, Aparecido Antonio; Laus, José Luiz
2012Topical 1% nalbuphine on corneal sensivity and epithelization after experimental lamellar keratectomy in rabbitsLadino Silva, Miguel; Trujillo Piso, Dunia Yisela; Pinto Ribeiro, Alexandre; Laus, José Luiz