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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015A Simple Method of Water Purification and Energy Extraction from Organic Wastewater: an Application of Green Chemistry Principles in Everyday LifeColmenares Quintero, Juan Carlos; Arévalo García, Enzo; Colmenares Quintero, Ramon
2019A systematic mapping study of micro-grid architecturesMera Paz, Julian Andres; Colmenares Quintero, Ramon; Maestre Góngora, Gina Paola
2019Application of a compact trickle-bed bioreactor for the removal of odor and volatile organic compounds emitted from a wastewater treatment plantKasperczyk, Damian; Urbaniec, Krzysztof; Barbusinski, Krzysztof; Rene, Eldon; Colmenares Quintero, Ramon
2010Application of the Geared Turbofan With Constant Volume Combustor on Short-Range Aircraft: A Feasibility StudyColmenares Quintero, Ramon; Brink, Bob; Ogaji, Stephen; Pilidis, Pericles; Colmenares Quintero, Juan Carlos; García Quintero, Alexander
2020Assessment of biofuels production in ColombiaColmenares Quintero, Ramon; Rico Cruz, Camilo Jose; Stansfield, Kim E.; Colmenares Quintero, Juan Carlos
2020Community perceptions, beliefs and acceptability of renewable energies projects: A systematic mapping studyColmenares Quintero, Ramon; Benavides Castillo, Juliana Maria; Rojas, Natalia; Stansfield, Kim E.
2020Design and assembly of an IoT-based device to determine the absorbed dose of gamma and UV radiationBaena Navarro, Ruben Enrique; Torres Hoyos, Francisco Jose; Uc Ríos, Carlos Eduardo; Colmenares Quintero, Ramon
2019Designing Microflowreactors for Photocatalysis Using Sonochemistry: A Systematic Review ArticleColmenares Quintero, Ramon; Rashmi Pradhan, Swaraj; Colmenares Quintero, Juan Carlos
2018Route planning in real time for short-range aircraft with a constant-volume-combustor-geared turbofan to minimize operating costs by particle swarm optimizationColmenares Quintero, Ramon; Góez-Sánchez G.D.; Colmenares-Quintero J.C.
2018Techno-environmental assessment of a micro-cogeneration system based on natural gas for residential applicationColmenares Quintero, Ramon; Latorre Noguera, Luis Fernando; Colmenares Quintero, Juan Carlos; Dibdiakova, Janka
2019The potential of methane production using aged landfill waste in developing countries: A case of study in ColombiaCaicedo Concha, Diana Milena; Sandoval Cobo, John; Colmenares Quintero, Ramon; Marmorejo Rebellón, Luis; Torres Lozada, Patricia; Sonia, Heaven
2019The potential of methane production using aged landfill waste in developing countries: A case of study in ColombiaCaicedo Concha, Diana Milena; Sandoval-Cobo J.J.; Colmenares Quintero, Ramon; Marmolejo-Rebellón L.F.; Torres-Lozada P.; Sonia H.
2019Trajectory optimization of an innovative-turbofan-powered aircraft based on particle swarm approach for low environmental impactColmenares Quintero, Ramon; Góez Sánchez, Germán David; Colmenares Quintero, Juan Carlos
2015Valorization of butanol as gasoline replacement in a DISI engine and the effect of injection phasing on exhaust emissionsMerola, S; Iremescu, A; Valentino, G; Colmenares Quintero, Ramon; Rodas, Y