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Title: Efficient solution for the diffraction of elastic SH waves by a wedge: Performance of various exact, asymptotic and simplified solutions
Author: Aristizabal, Victor H.
Velez, Francisco J.
Jaramillo, Juan D.
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Issue Date: 11-Apr-2017
Keywords: Elastic waves
Diffracted waves
Analytic solution
Performance of solutions
Geometrical theory of diffraction
Wedge diffraction
Description: Artículo de investigación
Abstract: The diffraction of horizontally polarized shear waves by a semi-infinite wedge in frequency and time domains is studied. In particular, this work focus on the performance of different solutions, including the classical contributions from Macdonald, Sommerfeld and Kouyoumjian & Pathak. In addition, two fully analytical, simplified solutions are proposed using arguments from the so-called geometrical theory of diffraction. The main advantage of the two proposed solutions is the fact that the resulting solutions can be scaled to problems with arbitrary and complex geometries. Moreover, it is found that one of the proposed new solutions is highly efficient in terms of accuracy and computational speed as compared to alternative formulations (approximately 1000 times faster than the Macdonald and Kouyoumjian & Pathak solutions), thus, this important characteristic renders this solution ideal for implementation in GPUs (Graphics Processor Units) for multiscale modeling applications.
Table Of Contents: Abstract Graphical abstract Keywords 1. Introduction 2. Geometric solution 3. Macdonald exact solution 4. Sommerfeld asymptotic solution or Keller solution (non-uniform) 5. Kouyoumjian & Pathak solution (uniform) 6. Simplified uniform solution 1 7. Simplified uniform solution 2 8. Results and discussion 9. Conclusions Acknowledgments Appendix A. Supplementary material References
Program: Ingeniería Civil
Headquarters: Medellín
Publisher: Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ingenierías, Ingeniería Civil, Medellín y Envigado
Type: Artículo
CC Licence: Licencia CC
Citation: Aristizábal, V. H., Vélez, F. J., and. Jaramillo, J.D. (2017). “Efficient solution for the diffraction of elastic SH waves by a wedge: performance of various exact, asymptotic and simplified solutions”. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering. 95, p. 9-16.
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