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Title: University: a collaborative platform for knowledge? The example of ESTHUA - Tourism and Culture faculty at the University of Angers
Author: Ducroquet, Aude
Keywords: economic intelligence; business intelligence; cluster; prospective; university.
Description: Description: ESTHUA, Tourism Faculty at the University of Angers, is considering the establishment of an economic intelligence system. This would allow it to resolve its issues surrounding data collection and the production and distribution of information, but would also allow it to respond to demand from the emerging tourism cluster, which has taken on an economic intelligence project to support its members. This reflection article considers possible options to answer this problem. Point of view: In the first phase of our research-action work we suggest analyzing the issues surrounding an economic intelligence system as a prospective target for ESTHUA, both for the collection but also for the distribution of information from a conception of knowledge for the common good. Description: Via a modeling test, we will try to demonstrate the importance and roles of an economic intelligence network administrator. We will outline the steps involved in the implementation of the system, with the importance of raising user awareness, registering contributors and starting with easily available tools. Conclusions: Finally, we will suggest separating the distribution of information depending on the involvement of each member of the network.
Publisher: Fondo Editorial, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia
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