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Competitive Analysis of Retail Websites through Search Engine Marketing
Author: Ramya Terrance, Arokia
Shrivastava, Shruti
Kumari, Asmita
Sivanandam, Lokesh
Retail Market; Search Engine Marketing; Search Engine Optimization; Search Engine Result Pages; SEO tools
Introduction: The research “Competitive analysis of Retail websites through Search Engine Marketing” was carried out at Kalindi College, University of Delhi in 2017. Internet technology has transformed the world to a global village. Due to improved internet/ mobile connectivity and substantial increase in data usage, any new or existing products can reach the customer easily through digital marketing. Currently, Retail marketing websites attracts more than half of the internet users. It is not only important to create a content rich product catalogue for the retail website, but also to ensure that the website is at the top of the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS) of Google Search Engine.Methods: The various technical aspect of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) of the retail website can be improved substantially by carrying out a comprehensive competitive analysis of existing retail websites.Results: The authors compared and analyzed the apparel category in the three competitive retail websites using free SEO tools. Conclusions: The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool can be utilized for increasing the website visibility and subsequently increasing the sales revenue. This paper focuses on the interlinkage of Search Engine Marketing strategy and Search Engine Optimization technique for organic and paid search. The paper also discusses the impacts of positive and negative ranking of the websites and how the ranking can be improved through adopting SEO friendly practices.Originality: Marketing of a startup website in the current competitive retail industry is a challenging task. This research provides ideas to the website owners how the website should be built, launched and maintained with SEO friendly practices which ensures the traffic to the website and revenue to the startup company. Limitations: The research results can be practically implemented in the website of the retail startup company.
Publisher: Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia
Appears in Collections:Revista Ingeniería Solidaria

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