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Title: Is virtualization at present a cloud science?
Author: Prantosh Kumar, Paul
Kumar Solanki, Vijender
Keywords: Cloud Computing; Computing Systems; Cloud Computing; Cloud Sciences; Eco Information Systems; Universities; Research and Development; Emerging Science and Technologies;
Description: Introduction: The research work entitled Is virtualization at present a cloud science? conducted in the year 2017 and as a major place Raiganj University, India was used.Cloud Computing and Virtualization is a significantconcept in today’s computing and information technology world. Cloud Computing is helpful in eco friendly atmosphere creation or more clearly complete and healthy sustainability. The academic programs in the field of Virtualization and Cloud Computing is still rare, the study is framed to learn more about the affairs. Methods:Cloud computing is actually a kind of virtualization which ultimately helps in creation of virtual platform and thus it is now useful in different places and thus to learn about the educational programs in the field the methods of general search engine has been used with proper keywords and titles. Result:Cloud computing and its wider uses resulted academic programs, centers and departments in many countries around the worldThus Cloud Computing from a tool and mechanism of virtualization to a Complete Scientific domain now days. Thus Virtualization is now become a field and available as a program of study in International universities and also in Indian academics. Conclusions:This paper is highlighted several aspects of Cloud Computing from its beginning to growing nature as a field of study with academic and techno-managerial point of view. Originality: As per the study in major indexing agencies the study on cloud as a field of study is rarely available and absent in Indian context.Limitation: The study concerned within a specific area India and used search methods conducted during a span of July to September, 2017 and late work after that not yet included and analyzed in the study. Keywords: Cloud Computing, Computing Systems, Cloud Computing, Cloud Sciences, Eco Information Systems, Universities, Research and Development, Emerging Science and Technologies
Publisher: Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia
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