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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016Anaerobic Co-digestion of Organic Residues from Different Productive Sectors in Colombia: Biomethanation Potential AssessmentCabeza, Iván; Thomas Vallejo, María Alexandra; Vásquez Suárez, Aura Liseth; Acevedo Pabón, Paola Andrea; Hernández, Mario
May-2015Comparison of the effects in the germination and growth of Corn Seeds (Zea Mays L.) by exposure to magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic fieldsOrtiz Aguilar, Jannet; Suárez Rivero, Deivis; Puentes, Addy Esperanza; Velásquez Perillaa, Pablo Elías; Santis Navarro, Angélica M.
Apr-2016Life Cycle Assessment to Identify Environmental Improvements in an Aerobic Waste Water Treatment PlantFajardo, Tatiana; Pinilla, Paula; Bojacá, Vivian; Pinilla, Rigoberto; Ortíz, Jannet; Acevedo Pabón, Paola Andrea
May-2015Environmental Assessment of the Mineral Extraction and Non-Renewable Energy Due to Dense Graded Hot Mix and Warm Mix Asphalts ProcessesRuíz, Martha P.; Gauthier, Paola M.; Niño, Lorena L.; Acevedo Pabón, Paola Andrea
Jun-2016Evaluation of the effect of two types of fertilizer on the growth, development and productivity of hydroponic green forage Oat (Avena sativa L.) and Ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum Lam.) as a biomass sourceSuárez Rivero, Deivis; Sua Villamil, Andrés M.; Marín Mahecha, Olga; Mejía Terán, Adriana; Suárez Rivero, Maikel; Santis Navarro, Angélica M.
Jun-2016The effect of magnetic and electromagnetic fields on the morpho-anatomical characteristics of corn (Zea mays l.) during biomass productionSuárez Rivero, Deivis; Ortíz Aguilar, Jannet; Marín Mahecha, Olga; Velásquez Perilla, Pablo E.; Acevedo Pabón, Paola Andrea; Santis Navarro, Angélica
Dec-2016A comparative analysis of heuristics applied to collecting used lubricant oils generated in the city of Pereira, ColombiaFajardo Charry, Diana Carolina; Ortiz Gutiérrez, Sebastián Felipe; Herrera, Oscar; Santis Navarro, Angélica María
25-Oct-2017OVA tics en el aulaGracia, Jeniffer