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Title: A brief guide of health economics
Author: Cardona-Arias, Jaiberth Antonio
Keywords: definition; principles; application; evaluation instruments.
Description: Initially, health economics was conceived as the articulation of the social sciences and health sciences, specifically economy and public health; in a restricted perspective, health economics has been defined as the study of the methods used in the organization and payment of health services. Later, health economics was defined as the study of the optimal use of resources for illness care and health promotion, as well as the evaluation of the organizational efficiency of health services, this definition was formulated more than half a century ago (in ‘50s decade), only a decade after the creation of the World Health Organization [1]. In current age, all health areas are interested in the investment optimization and outcomes in about prevention and illness care.Nevertheless, at present some health professionals persist in myths and skepticism about the application of economic analysis to health issues for different reasons, for example, thinking that protection and care of life are not susceptible to economic analysis or that the economy is only interested in profit, prices or cost reduction. Other consider that the economy applied to health problems leads to the implementation of the cheapest technologies and not the most useful for patients, or that economic analysis turns health to a commodity and argues that health economics only refers to the use of money from the health sector [2].In order to decrease and avoid such myths and skeptical posture, this essay presents some definitions and principles of the economy in general; the origin, definition and objectives of health economics, and the types of economic studies available in this field.
Publisher: Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia
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