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Title: Port authority corporate social responsibility (CSR) and perceptions of entrepreneurs and port enterprises
Author: Boza, José
González, Matías M.
de León, Javier
Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, port authority, stakeholders’ perceptions, Structural Equation Models (SEM).
Description: Abstract. The Spanish Law on Ports of 2010 (33/2010) is one of the groundbreaking laws that obliges the Port Authorities, which are public institutions, to pursue sustainable development, justify the actions undertaken and to disclose their results in annual Sustainability Reports. The results of the Structural Equation Model (SEM) applied in this study, confirm the existence of a direct and positive effect between the climate of the relationships and the ethical values of the port authority, and an additional direct effect of the environmental value on the endogenous variable, which produces an unexpected negative value.
Publisher: Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia
Appears in Collections:Revista Cooperativismo y desarrollo

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