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Title: Schoolchildren multicentre RCT sample groups baseline data comparison: ICCMSTM vs. Colombian health-system caries managements.
Author: Alfaro Zolá, Lizelia Margarita
Usuga Vaca, Margarita
Jácome Liévano, Sofía
Cortés, Andrea
Gamboa, Luis Fernando
Fortich Mesa, Natalia
Gómez Ramírez, S.
Cifuentes, Olga Lucia
San Juan Acero, J.A.
Ochoa Acosta, Emilia María
Ramos Martínez, K.
Soto Pacheco, F.M.
Arango Saldarriaga, María Cristina
Martignon, Stefania
Mejía Lora, L. P.
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Issue Date: 15-May-2015
Keywords: caries dental
Description: Comparación del sistema tradicional de manejo de caries y sistema ICDAS
Abstract: Materials and Methods: After IRB (UEB008-2014) and informed consent from parents of 360 7-yr. olds in 9 Colombian dental schools’ clinics, comparison of the two groups (n = 180 each) was conducted in terms of: gender, caries risk likelihood (low/moderate/high), prevalence of caries experience (dmf/DMF-S, d/D: ICCMSTMMod, Ext) and-mean number of surfaces with caries experience (both dmf/DMF-S, d/D:ICCMSTMMod, Ext; and dmf/DMF-S, d/D:ICCMSTMIn, Mod, Ext). Results: The sample corresponded to 194 girls and 166 boys (Group-A: 105 and 74; Group-B: 89 and 92, respectively)(Χ2 ; p = 0.07). The prevalence of caries experience (dmf/ DMF-S, d/D:ICCMSTMMod, Ext) was 74.7% (Group-A: 76.5%; Group-B: 72.9%) Χ2 ; p  = 0.27). The mean dmf/DMF-S (d/D: ICCMSTMMod, Ext) was6.8±8.2 (Group-A: 7.4±8.5; Group-B: 6.3±7.8) (Mann-Whitney test; p = 0.21), increasing to 15.3±12.9 (Group-A: 15.9±13.1; Group-B: 14.8±12.6) (Mann-Whitney test;p = 0.47), when including d/D: ICCMSTMIn. The percentage distribution of caries-risk likelihood was: high: 54.2%; moderate: 35.8%; low: 10.0% (Group-A: 57.5%, 33.5%, and 9.0%, and Group-B: 50.8%, 38.1%, and 11.1%, respectively) Χ2 ; p = 0.43). Conclusion: The baseline data of this schoolchildren caries managements’ multicentre RCT shows that Group A (ICCMSTM) and Group B (Colombian-Health-System) individuals are similar in terms of gender and caries related characteristics.
Program: Odontología
Headquarters: Medellín
Publisher: Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud, Programa de Odontología, Medellín y Envigado, Colombia, 00000
Type: Artículo
CC Licence: Licencia CC
Citation: Alfaro Zola, L., Usuga Vacca, M., Jácome Liévano, S., Cortes, A., Gamboa, L. F., Mejía Lora, L. P., Fortich Mesa, N., Gómez Ramírez, S., Cifuentes Aguirre, O. L., Sanjuan Acero, J. A., Ochoa Acosta, E. M., Ramos Martinez, K., Soto Pacheco, F. M., Arango, M. C., & Martignon, S. (2015). Schoolchildren multicentre RCT sample groups baseline data comparison: ICCMSTM vs. Colombian health-system caries managements. Caries Res, 49,297–369 Abstracts: 62nd ORCA Congress
Resource reference: doi: 10.1159/000381323
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