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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2015Regulación ambiental sobre los productos farmacéuticos residuales en ambientes acuáticosCaviedes Rubio, Diego Iván; Delgado, Daniel Ricardo
Oct-2016Creación de un spin off desde el aulaCano Beltrán, Jhon Haide; López Arcos, Julián Ignacio; Mosquera Fernández, Víctor David; Londoño Gaitán, Yeimmy
14-Mar-2016Thermodynamic Study of the Solubility of Naproxen in Some 2-Propanol + Water MixturesCaviedes Rubio, Diego Iván; Delgado, Daniel Ricardo; Rodríguez Rodríguez, Gerson Andrés
Apr-2016Anaerobic Co-digestion of Organic Residues from Different Productive Sectors in Colombia: Biomethanation Potential AssessmentCabeza, Iván; Thomas Vallejo, María Alexandra; Vásquez Suárez, Aura Liseth; Acevedo Pabón, Paola Andrea; Hernández, Mario
8-Feb-2016Solution thermodynamics and preferential solvation of sulfamethazine in (methanol + water) mixturesDelgado, Daniel Ricardo; Almanza Montero, Ovidio Amado; Martínez, Fleming; Peña, María A.; Jouyban, Abolghasem; Acree Jr, William Eugene
23-Nov-2015Preferential solvation of indomethacin in 1,4- dioxane + water mixtures according to the inverse Kirkwood–Buff integrals methodPeña, María A.; Delgado, Daniel Ricardo; Martínez, Fleming
28-Nov-2016Numerical modeling of fiber specklegram sensors by using finite element method (FEM)Aristizábal Tique, Víctor Hugo; Vélez Hoyos, Francisco Javier; Rueda, Edgar; Gómez, Nelson; Gómez, Jorge
May-2015Comparison of the effects in the germination and growth of Corn Seeds (Zea Mays L.) by exposure to magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic fieldsOrtiz Aguilar, Jannet; Suárez Rivero, Deivis; Puentes, Addy Esperanza; Velásquez Perillaa, Pablo Elías; Santis Navarro, Angélica M.
Apr-2016Life Cycle Assessment to Identify Environmental Improvements in an Aerobic Waste Water Treatment PlantFajardo, Tatiana; Pinilla, Paula; Bojacá, Vivian; Pinilla, Rigoberto; Ortíz, Jannet; Acevedo Pabón, Paola Andrea
2016Extended Hildebrand solubility approach applied to some structurally related sulfonamides in ethanol + water mixturesDelgado, Daniel Ricardo; Peña, María A.; Martínez, Fleming