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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2014Analysis of a program for the prevention and control of wild rabies and its role in the number of cattle outbreaks during years 2001 to 2011Marín Álvarez, Luz Marina; Ruíz Buitrago, Jhon Didier; Ruiz Sáenz, Julián
20-Jun-2017Avian influenza in Latin America: A systematic review of serological and molecular studies from 2000-2015Afanador Villamizar, Alejandra; Gomez Romero, Carlos; Ruiz Sáenz, Julián
Feb-2015Bovine Fibroblasts Response to Foot-and-Mouth Disease Virus: Influence of Integrins and Soluble Factors in ResistanceRuiz Sáenz, Julián; Ossa, Jorge E.; Barrera, José; Rugeles, Maria Teresa; López Herrera, Albeiro
Dec-2014Chikungunya in Colombia: chronicle of an epidemic foretoldMartínez Gutiérrez, Marlen; Ruiz Sáenz, Julián
May-2016Diversity of susceptible hosts in canine distemper virus infection: a systematic review and data synthesisMartínez Gutiérrez, Marlen; Ruiz Saenz, Julian
2017Leucosis viral bovina prevalencia e impacto económico en Colombia: revisión bibliográficaBermudez Forero, Laura Alejandra
1-Jan-2017Prevalence and molecular epidemiology of Canine parvovirus 2 in diarrheic dogs in Colombia, South America: A possible new CPV-2a is emerging?"Ruiz Sáenz, Julián
Nov-2016Proteomic profile of human monocytic cells infected with dengue virusMartínez Gutiérrez, Marlen; Martínez Betancur, Viviana
Jan-2016Seguridad e inmunogenicidad en ensayos clínicos de vacunas para DengueMartínez Gutiérrez, Marlen; Cardona Arias, Jaiberth Antonio; Reyes Castaño, Janeth Catalina; López, Juan Álvaro